30 September, 2016

How to recycle old laptop

If you are looking to get rid of your old laptop or PC, don’t just throw it away in the garbage, you can either recycle your old laptop or sell it off where someone else will be more than happy to use it.

The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) directive is a law which has been strictly enforced  for a while now, which means that computer retailers and manufacturers have to contribute towards having your WEEE Waste recycled.

Recycle old laptop

There are three options to what you can do with your old laptop or PC, these are the following:

  1. Take the laptop or PC to your local recycling facility
  2. Sell it
  3. Give it away

If you are recycling your old laptop or PC, there are organisations which offer a service where you can take your old computer for nothing. There is also your local council who may run a scheme where either they collect your old laptop/PC or you may have to drop off your laptop/PC and then they recycle the laptop or computer. Another option is being able to return your laptop or computer to the shop where you bought the unit, they may rebuild the laptop/PC and sell it off again.

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23 September, 2016

How to recycle your old clothes

Recycling is the best way to get rid of old or unwanted clothing products, they  can be recreated into something new for another person to re-use again. If you want to recycle your old unwanted clothes, there are many local authorities or organisations that accept your old or unwanted clothing, either recycling or selling the product to someone else. There is also charity shops or charity bags that are collected from your household who give your old or unwanted clothes to the less fortunate.

Many people believe that recycling clothes cannot be possible due to it being damaged, however there are a number of stores available that encourage the public to donate, for example, H&M stores allow customers to have 15% off on items when donating bags of clothing.

With the positive use of old clothing, billions of garments and new fashionable clothes have been recreated for consumers to purchase and make use of once again. Recycling is known to be encouraged as it helps the land filled to have zero waste.

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16 September, 2016

How to recycle your old refrigerator

If you are thinking about throwing your old refrigerator away, you can actually quickly and simply recycle it. Recycling is the best way to get rid of old bulky unwanted appliances such as freezers because they can be created into something new. There are local authorities and organisations that have recycling locations, which are able to collect all bulky unwanted items and break them down to make another item.

Bulky Item Recycling

Recycling is encouraged to be our top priority as bulky items such as refrigerators can take up huge amount of space in your house. Some residents fly-tip their bulky products which is against the law and they can be fined.

It is advised for the public to recycle their fridges as they are one of the larger products in the house compared to other products such as microwaves or kettles etc. These contain ozone depleting substances, such as CFC’s which must be removed at the beginning of the recycling process as they are powerful greenhouse gases. This would affect the environment if left and placed amongst the land filled.

Fridge Recycling

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10 September, 2016

How to recycle your old television

If you have decided to buy a new television and have no idea what to do with your old one, then recycling it would be the most beneficial option for you. Recycling in general is the best way to get rid of any old unwanted items or electrical items and recreate them into something new for others to re-use again.

There are many local authorities or other organisations that have recycling locations where they are able to collect all unwanted items, which is then recycled into something else. However if you cannot find a recycling centre near you, you can simply give your old television to your local charity store who can re-sell if in good, working condition.

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5 September, 2016

Bottle recycling process explained

If you are you wondering what happens to glass bottles once you have thrown it into the recycling bin, here are three stages to what happens to the glass once collected.

  1. The glass is transported to a materials recycling facility or glass recycling and treatment plant where the glass is sorted by colour, this is because different chemicals need to be added to different coloured waste glass to produce recycled glass of the desired colour.
  1. Once they are sorted by colour, the glass then undergoes a number of processes to remove contamination from the cullet, large metallic objects such steel cans and bottle caps are removed with magnets before the material passes into enclosed chambers where blown air is used to remove large lightweight objects such as paper, plastic bottles, and plastic jar lids or picked up manually.
  1. Once the contamination is removed from the cullet, the recycled glass has to undergo glass decolorizing in the glass recycle process, followed by dyeing. In order to do this the material is fed into a vertical dryer, which draws air up though the cullet as it enters the dryer, this flow of hot air will remove the moisture from the cullet as well as glass dust and paper labels which have been freed from the bottles and jars. If the bottles are coloured, the decolorizing process will include oxidizing the melted glass cullet. Some of the most commonly used colouring agents for dyeing of recycled glass include borax, potassium permanganate, zinc oxide, erbium oxide, cobalt carbonate, neodymium oxide, and titanium dioxide.

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