Everyone experiences a time where their old sofa isn’t cutting it anymore and a new one is long overdue.  While that’s a great thing since you get a new sofa, the question is what happens to the old one?

Getting rid of your old furniture is a difficult job, but it’s a must since it causes clutter and takes up a lot of valuable space.

You don’t want to just throw it out with trash as it will end up going to a landfill and polluting the environment. Instead you have more eco-friendly alternatives, which in turn can cause less pollution.

You can call up a furniture removal company like us; London City Waste Clearance. We will deal with the complicated stuff like getting furniture and disposing of it properly. All you need to worry about is when you want to dispose your furniture.

At London City Waste Clearance, we provide services to remove the furniture from the area you want it removed from. We recycle every part of the furniture that is recyclable. So, you don’t need to worry about your furniture going to landfill and polluting the environment.

Hiring a furniture disposal company helps remove the stress of organizing a removal or stressing over what to do with the furniture. Companies like London City Waste Clearance have years of experience so you can relax and trust that your furniture is disposed of carefully and safely.

Whether it’s a sofa, a mattress or a bed, call us for a free no obligation quote. Take the hassle out of getting rid of your old sofa!

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