Does the sound of loading rubbish/waste excite you? No? Then skip rental is not for you…

You should know that when it comes to removing large amounts of junk and waste from a London home, skip rental is not the only option. Did you know that skip rental is not only impractical for certain types of waste, but it is also not always the most cost effective solution? Skip rental in London can be a very pricy business and that’s without the required permit issues.

So what is the alternative to skip rental?

London City Waste Clearance are the cost effective, efficient alternative to skip rental. Our Clearance Crews are the safe, quick and affordable Skip Rental Alternative. You won’t need a skip rental permit. We remove all the items you request, such as rubble, waste, junk, rubbish, scrap metal, clutter, garden waste, furniture and white goods. All waste is recycled and reused where possible.  We are licensed by the Environmental Authority.

Our Clearance Crews are specially trained clearance operatives. This means that they have the skills, knowledge and experience to clear your rubbish quickly and respectfully. Your waste is instantly taken away, all we ask is that you provide access to the waste in order for it to be collected.

London City Waste Clearance can offer you an extremely speedy waste collection solution that makes great sense and will probably cost far less then skip rental.  Our waste vehicles can cope with more than twice a standard skip’s capacity.  We won’t leave you out of pocket when you need to clear your household rubbish!

Contact London City Waste Clearance now for a free quotation and to arrange a same-day rubbish collection.

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