It is imperative that we take care to dispose of our unwanted fridges properly, they contain a cocktail of dangerous chemicals and gases that can be harmful to people, houses and the environment.

When it comes to disposing of a fridge, there are various things to consider to ensure you are doing it correctly and in an environmentally friendly manner. Unlike household furniture, other installations or smaller belongings, fridges cannot simply be placed into a skip.

Did you know since January 2002, all ozone-depleting substances (ODS) must in fact be removed from fridges before they can be recycled or thrown away? Should anyone ignore this rule, or fly tip their fridge to get rid of it, they can be prosecuted and fined up to £2,500?!

London City Waste Clearance’s fridge disposal service is the perfect solution for both homes and businesses who have an old or unwanted fridge that they want to dispose of. We collect working and non-working items. Our disposal and recycling service always includes a two man team. Our team will turn up to your location and will be able to remove your item from anywhere.

The advantage of using our service is that our response times are usually much faster than the council, we can collect from within the property, and obviously we do all the manhandling for you. We can move items from up flights of stairs, in awkward locations or in back yards. As long as we can access the item or items we will happily remove it.

We are properly licensed with the Environment Agency and provide you with a waste transfer note detailing your collection, which specifies that the waste removed was a fridge.

All our fridges and freezers are 100% recycled at an authorised WEEE treatment facility, so you can be assured your items will not end up at the local tip.

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