Sometimes there are items which are very heavy and can’t be removed or taken apart by yourself. Which is why companies like us at London City Waste Clearance provide services where we will remove your bulky waste.

London City Waste Clearance have experienced teams that are fully qualified to deal with bulky waste.

Weather its bulky bedroom furniture or white goods, bulky waste clearance companies like London City Waste Clearance will get the job done professionally without damaging your establishment or the area you want the bulky waste removed from.

There are many categories within bulky waste clearance such as;

  • Discarded furniture – This includes furniture like old sofas or mattresses or beds. Or any other house hold item that falls into the category of furniture.
  • Large Appliances (White goods) – This incudes appliances like refrigerators, ovens, TVs, washing machine and anything thing else that falls into the category of large appliances.
  • Plumbing Fixtures – This includes Plumbing fixtures like bathtubs, toilets, sinks showers, drainage and anything else which falls under the category of plumbing fixtures.
  • Green Waste – this includes branches, brush, logs and anything else which falls under the category of green waste.

Calling a company like London City Waste Clearance is very beneficial since we will deal with all the complicated stuff while you sit back and relax. Anything you want recycled just mention it and we will do the rest.

We provide the service you would need if you are trying to get rid of your bulky waste, with very competitive prices.

Don’t get bogged down by bulky waste, give us a call on 020 8558 1782

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