22 May, 2017

5 things to consider in Wanstead when recycling ferrous and non-ferrous metals

There is a lot of marketing done out there to ensure we are all doing our bit to help the earth stay green. This mostly consists of recycling your day to day plastics and common household products. Unfortunately, when it comes to scrap metal recycling or metal in general, there is not enough information out there to know why it is important. Metal recycling also helps the green movement as much as any other form of recycling.

Is it a ferrous metal?

When it comes to metals, they are usually classified as ferrous or non-ferrous metal. Ferrous metals are metals that contain mostly iron. These metals are usually made up of mainly iron and have some other elements. Most ferrous metals are prone to rusting when they are exposed to moisture and generally are magnetic. Some ferrous metals may not be as magnetic as others; this is due to the amount of iron in the metal. Read more

16 May, 2017

6 ways to recycle household appliances in Bethnal Green

When you are living in Bethnal green, getting rid of your old household appliances can be hard. You can’t just leave it on the side of the street because that could result in fines of up to £2,500. That’s not a figure that you can take lightly, so why take the risk. There are plenty of ways to get rid of your old appliances and save yourself some money.

Here are some of the methods you can use.

Tell the council

One way to get some of your old appliances disposed of properly is through the council. Sometimes local councils provide appliance pick up free of charge. Some Councils will require you to make an online account and book appointments to get the appliance removed. Other councils will just require you to call up and book an appointment without having the need to make an account. Read more

5 May, 2017

Things to remember when recycling plastics in wapping

Recycling has become a part of life. Everyone has started doing their bit to help their community stay on top of recycling. Some of you may throw all plastics in your recycling bin without realising that it may not be allowed. Some items may be better off being collected by a recycling company or dealt with in other ways. Unfortunately, some of you may not know that some plastics are non-recyclables and cannot be recycled.

Here is quick guide on what is acceptable and what is not acceptable.

Things for the recycling bins

There are plenty of things that are acceptable in your recycling bin at home. Most of your everyday plastic scraps can go into your recycling bin at home and be collected as normal. These plastics are usually easy to recycle and can fit in your recycling bins easily. Read more

2 May, 2017

4 ways to recycle your old microwave

The time has finally come for you to replace that old microwave that has been in your kitchen for years. The old has been replaced by the new and now your kitchen looks modern, but what do you do with your old one? You cannot just throw it out on the road because that could get you a large fine

Here are some of the ways you could get rid of your old microwave.

Give it away

If the microwave is in working condition, before you think about throwing it away, you should always make sure that you inform your friends and family. It could be the case that one of your friend’s microwave has stopped working and your one would help them out for a while. Read more