Everyday more and more people are deciding to do recycling and reuse things that they would normally throw out in the trash. Whether this is purely because they just feel like recycling or they are persuaded by a family member or friend, the end result is that they are recycling. Everyone that recycles, is helping the environment and helping the world become more green. Here are some of the top tips from the experts to help you on waste recycling.


Recycling doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to send your plastics, metals and glass off to be remanufactured. Recycling means that you use things that you have around you and if it can’t be used, you send it off so it can be reused in some way. If you come across things that you are not using anymore and feel the need to get rid of it, why not find a way to reuse it?

You could always use your creative side and try and make something out of it. Whether it be making an old milk carton into a watering can or making your old shoe boxes into treasure chests for your kids.


This is one of the easy steps when it comes to recycling. All you simply have to do is stop buying unnecessarily. A lot of money is wasted on buying things that you do not need. People go shopping for one item and come back with fifteen. When you go out shopping, buy things that you need rather than want. Wanting and needing are two different things. If you have a pair of trainers at home that are in good condition, refrain from buying another pair. Not only will this save you money in the long run but it will save you from having excess waste in your home.


Once you have exhausted all your options, you should aim to recycle the rest. Recycling is pretty easy once you get the hang of it. First find out what you can and cannot recycle as some things may not be recyclable. Once you are familiar with what you can recycle, it pretty easy from there. You can separate all the things that need separating and begin the recycling process.

Some councils have recycling bins that you can use for all your recyclables or you can use a London rubbish clearance company. London rubbish collection can be done through many companies that are local to you. For example, London City Waste Clearance can collect waste from many areas in London. All you have to do is call up for a quote to get your waste cleared without any hassle.

Buy recycled goods

Helping the world stay green can be done in many different ways. Buying goods that have been through the recycling process already is one of the ways. Recycling process starts from you handing over waste good that need to be remanufactured. A manufacturer will than take these goods, break it down and reuse it. It will then be used for different products and hit the shelves once again for consumers to purchase. By you buying recycled products, you will be supporting the process and helping the cycle go on and on.

Simplify the process

One of the easiest ways to help your household recycle is to make it easy. If you make a recycling station near your bin, it will encourage people in your household to recycle. You could have a bin for your plastics, glass items and metals. When people go near your bins, they will have no option but to use the recycling bins for recyclable items. They will think twice before they throw away items in the regular trash bin.

Find out what we have to say about waste recycling at London City Waste Clearance.