It’s important that we all start to recycle on a daily basis. Whether we are at home or the office, recycling should be on the top of our lists. Offices tend to have a huge amount of waste and if there is no recycling system in place, all of that waste just ends up in landfills.

Here are some top tips for you to help your workplace become greener.


Although commuting has nothing to do with the office, it’s something that you will do every day. If you are commuting by car or motorbike, you could do other things to start becoming greener. Cycling has become the way forward in places such as London. The new cycle lanes and cycle super highways have made it very safe to cycle into work. Cycle to work schemes make it easy and affordable to get yourself a brand-new bike.

So what’s stopping you? Get yourself a bike and start saving money as well as keeping fit on your daily commute.

Have a Clear out

An office clearance is a good start to having a clean and simple workplace. There are many things in an office that does not get used and will probably sit there for years till something is done. Why not go through the office and see if you can get rid of some things. A decluttered office, is a happy office.

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Paper control

Offices tend to go through stacks of paper on a daily basis. To cut down on paper costs and help save the environment, we should do our best to make the most of every bit of paper. Set your printer to print out documents on both sides of the paper. There are plenty of paper that go in the trash. Instead of throwing them away, we should use them as scrap paper for notes and use as much as possible before calling it trash.

Recycling Station

Recycling stations around the office are the best way to get everyone to take part in the action. Instead of having one bin between every other desk. Invest in a few more bins and have two bins together between every other desk. One will be for your general trash and the other will be for your recyclables. It may not be a success immediately as your staff will still be use to their old ways.

Office recycling London is important, slowly introduce recycling into your workplace and motivate your staff to become greener. 

Turn it off

If it’s not in use, turn it off. Computer and lights are among the things that are often left switched on overnight. Start a new rule in the office, if you are not using something, turn it off as it will cut down in costs and help the office use less energy.