Computers and laptops are items in your home that are made to last years and years. Over the years they end up going extremely slow and get replaced. Once they are replaced, they are taken to the shed and left to gather dust. The truth is, we should do what we can to help the environment and recycle old laptop and computers.

Here are some tips you could use for your old computers and laptops.


Computers and laptops are usually replaced due to the fact that they become extremely slow. Why not invest some money to update it and build the spec up to something more to your liking? The amount of money you will spend on a new desktop or laptop in this day and age is not something to take lightly. They can easily put a huge dent in your wallet. Why not spend half the money in new components for your old equipment and make it as good as the modern-day laptop or computer if not better.

Give away

There are always people in your family or your circle of friends that need an upgrade. You may think that your computer or laptop is old but to someone else it could be an upgrade. Giving to them could help them out as well as make space in your home and is a form of computer recycling. So, before you throw it away or put it in the shed where it could get damaged, find out if anyone could put it to use.

Recycle it

There are two ways of e waste recycling. Both ways work, but one might work better for you.

Waste collection: The easier way to recycle your old e waste is to contact a waste removal company. You could call up your local waste clearance company and get a quote on how much they will charge to remove your waste safely. Remember all electronic waste needs to be recycled properly in order for it to be safe for the environment or reused. Not sure about e waste recycling? Why not contact us for more information on computer recycling.

Recycle centre: Your other option is to take it to your local Recycling centre if you even have one nearby. As long as you live in the local area and can prove it, you can dispose of your rubbish for free. All you need is your proof of residence and you can drive down to dispose it yourself.

Sell it on

Old computers and laptops can always be sold on to put some money back into your pocket. Although it may not be a lot of money, it will still give you some pocket money. Get yourself onto some internet auction sites to ensure that it sells fast. Browse the internet to see how much your old laptop or desktop can fetch and try to sell it on. Do not get greedy as it may go unsold. Just remember that it is old and anything is better than nothing.

Give it to charity

If you have no better use for it, then pass it on to charity. Charity shops are more than happy to take on things that could be sold on. If you think that it could be worth some money and works fine. Why not give it to charity and feel good about yourself. Old computers or laptops are easy sellers for charity shops and the money they make will go towards a good cause.