Manufacturers are constantly bringing out new technology. Almost every year manufacturers will bring out newer models to their current line of technology. We as consumers are always attracted towards the newer product and are pushed to upgrade. Once we update, what do we do with our old electronics? The truth is, most of the time it is shoved into our junk draw and left there for years to gather dust.

Let’s all get together and help the environment by recycling e-waste and putting it to better use. The big question is, where does it all go? That all depends on the method you use to dispose of it.


If you were to throw your e waste in the trash, it will most likely end up in a landfill. If this happens, it is bad news for the environment. Some may think that it will just go to the landfill and that’s it. The truth is, a lot of our electronic waste contains toxic chemicals which tend to leak out over time and enter the soil around landfills. Once these toxic chemicals have entered the atmosphere, it can harm the local communities and can eventually effect the environment. This is why e-waste recycling is so important.

Recycling centre or Waste companies

Throwing your e-waste in the trash is the easy option but no one thinks about the consequences of their actions. Just using a bit of effort could go a long way. Recycling of e-waste properly is not that hard. In fact, sometimes it’s one phone call away. All you have to do is, gather up all your e-waste and call a recycling company up. They will do all the leg work while you sit at home and relax. Alternatively, you could take all your e-waste to a recycling centre and get rid of it yourself.

These two methods are probably the best ways you can dispose of your waste properly and help the environment. Thinking to get rid of your old electronics? Why not contact us for more information on e-waste recycling.


Giving it away to a charity is one of the ways to help those in need and those who cannot afford to buy everything brand new. Charities regularly take on old electronics to sell. Its important to not give junk as it will only waste the charity’s time and it could cost them to get it removed properly. If it’s in working condition, your old electronics can be enjoyed by people who could put it to better use.


Some recycling companies find it too expensive to sort out all their e-waste in the UK. Hiring staff and using heavy machine can sometimes cost too much. E-waste is then sometimes exported to countries such as China, Vietnam and Pakistan to be sorted out. Once it is sorted out, they often will break down these products and separate anything that is worth anything. Once the separation process is done, they will go on to sell anything that could be of any value.