Summer is in full swing and people are off on their summer road trips and holidays. The sunglasses are out and the barbeque smell lingers in the air. With all the activities going on it is probably the best time to start living a greener lifestyle. There is so much waste that could be recycled during the summer holidays. Maybe its pure laziness or just a lack of knowledge, but the amount of waste in the summer holidays almost doubles.

Here are 5 ways to have a greener summer

Use public transport

When it comes to summer, we all should try our best to drive less. During summer time, there are a lot more people on the road. This means that there is a lot more congestion on the roads. For those who use their car to drive to work, why not try other ways to get to work? London has invested a lot of money into cycle lanes to make it a safer option. You will not only get to work without sitting in traffic, but you will get some exercise while you’re at it.

Recycle more

Summer time is not complete without a few parties and barbeques. If you are the person hosting the event, this is your chance to shine. Just remember, most of the things that you use in a party or barbeque can be recycled. Cups, plates, cutlery and plastics bottles can all be recycled. Recycling in London is very important, as there is a large population in London and we need to work together to help the environment.

Save on energy

We all should do our best to take advantage of anything that can help us stay green. The longer summer days mean that there is a lot more hours of daylight. Let’s take advantage of that. Refrain from using your lights in the house throughout the day. When it gets dark, use lights only when you are in the room and turn them off as you leave. As the days get hotter, we tend to use a lot more water. Try to limit showers to a maximum of 5 minutes. Remember you do not need the water running when you are scrubbing. Be efficient and you will notice a sufficient drop in your bills.

Have a clean out

Why not have a house clearance London? Go through the house and decide what is needed and what is considered waste. Recycling old things in your home helps the environment and helps manufacturers produce more products with less raw materials. Waste collection London is one of the ways you can get rid of your bulk waste. It’s a simple way to recycle your old belongings as well as do your bit for the environment.

Thinking of a clear out? Why not contact us for more information on house clearance London.

Make your own greens

One way to have a greener summer is to grow your own food. It’s a skill that you will have for a life time and something you can share with your kids. It’s a great opportunity to have some quality time with your family members and grow closer as you grow your food. Growing your own food not only is a great way to save money but will ensure you know exactly what sort of things are in your veggies.