Whether you are passionate about it or not, we all use it every once in a while. As soon as the weather picks up, we all head out to the sea front for the nice breeze and warm water brushing our feet. This image will slowly fade away year by year if we do not change the way we live.

Future generations need us to change our habits to ensure they can enjoy the ocean as much as we do. Our oceans are home to more than 500,000 species and is pretty much the support system of our planet. It provides food to well over a million people as well as jobs and pleasure for those who enjoy some water sports.

Here are some of the ways we can protect our oceans.

Pick up after yourself

Most plastic products and debris that are found in the ocean are a result of people leaving their rubbish on the beach. Anything that is left on the beach will end up in the ocean. As the water level increases overnight, your rubbish will end up floating into the ocean. During the hot weather, the number of people that visit beaches increase rapidly. This mean that the amount of rubbish left will be double if not triple.

We as a community cannot let our days at the beach contribute to any damage to our oceans. We should all make an effort to volunteer for trash pick up or just make the bear minimum effort of picking up after ourselves. I’m sure there are plenty of waste disposal bins around, we should make an effort and use them.

Disposal of hazardous products

Hazardous products can end up in the ocean and cause harm to our sea life and the overall health of our oceans. Using drains to dispose of your motor oil or any other hazardous liquids can lead to polluting our ocean. We should all make an effort to get waste disposal companies to dispose of the hazardous materials properly.

Use less plastic

We should all try to use less plastic as they somehow end up floating in the ocean, causing destruction and harm to marine animals. If we as a community should recycle plastic more and instead of using garbage disposal, we need to learn to recycle more. This may actually make a difference to our ocean and the marine animals within it. Debris in the ocean cause thousands of deaths to our marine animals and small actions such as recycling will protect their lives and keep our oceans clean for years to come.

Provide support

There are many companies and organisations out there that are doing what they can to help the oceans. We all should do what we can to help them do their work. This could be by supporting them financially or by volunteering.

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