31 July, 2017

How to recycle a car battery

Your car battery has been playing around for a little while and you finally decide to get yourself a brand new battery. You fit your new battery into your car and don’t know what to do with the old one. Did you know that you are not allowed to dispose of your old car battery in your household rubbish by law?

Due to the current legislation in the UK, car batteries cannot be dumped into landfills as they will need to go through a number of steps to get cleaned up before it can go anywhere.

Here are the ways you can recycle your used car batteries. Read more

24 July, 2017

Most common excuses people use to avoid recycling

In this day and age, we all should be recycling on a daily basis. We may not notice it in our day to day live but by not recycling, we could be effecting the future generation’s chance of having a normal life.

Our waste is piling up and sooner or later, there may not be any more place to bury our waste. Future generations will end up living in our dirt! We need to make changes to our lifestyles to prevent any more damage being caused to our environment. Recycling London should be at the tip of our tongue when it comes to throwing things in the bin.

For those who do not recycle, here are the common excesses used.

“I don’t have the space.”

This excuse is probably the most common excuse out of the all. Whether you have a small home or a big home, it’s always possible to make space. It’s understandable that people have limited space in their houses, especially those in the city. When it comes to recycling, why is it that people cannot make the space? They could make the space for a huge television in the living but not a separate box for recycling! Read more

18 July, 2017

Why small businesses should recycle

It has become very common for businesses to recycle. Large companies actually get questioned if they do not do what they can to be environmentally friendly. Unfortunately, the amount of pressure that is put onto globally recognised companies about recycling is not reflected on local small businesses. The pressure of recycling should be equal on everyone and no business should get away with not recycling.

Here are some of the reasons why small businesses should recycle.

Waste costs

Business recycling is important as it shows that your business cares about the environment. It looks good for any business that recycles as it will bring in customers that are environmentally aware. Most businesses will most likely have to pay some sort of waste management, if you start to recycle, you could actually save money on your waste. The more you recycle in your business, the less you will be throwing in the bin. On the long run, you will have less trash to throw, which will save you some money. Read more

7 July, 2017

5 ways to a greener summer

Summer is in full swing and people are off on their summer road trips and holidays. The sunglasses are out and the barbeque smell lingers in the air. With all the activities going on it is probably the best time to start living a greener lifestyle. There is so much waste that could be recycled during the summer holidays. Maybe its pure laziness or just a lack of knowledge, but the amount of waste in the summer holidays almost doubles.

Here are 5 ways to have a greener summer

Use public transport

When it comes to summer, we all should try our best to drive less. During summer time, there are a lot more people on the road. This means that there is a lot more congestion on the roads. For those who use their car to drive to work, why not try other ways to get to work? London has invested a lot of money into cycle lanes to make it a safer option. You will not only get to work without sitting in traffic, but you will get some exercise while you’re at it. Read more