26 May, 2016

Hackney One Carnival 2016

The date has been set for this year’s Hackney One Carnival. The council run event will be hosted on Sunday the 11th of September this year. The carnival brings spectacular costumes, energetic dance, sound systems and live music from around the world.

Hackney is home to many different cultures and communities and the event is being hosted to celebrate this. There will be organised performances from professional groups as well as local community groups.

The One Carnival will be starting at Ridley Road and ending at Cecilia Road in Dalston, the carnival will feature Hackney’s best young musicians, an all-day play area in Gillett Square and a carnival party in Ridley Road with global food, arts and crafts. Read more

20 May, 2016

New London Mayor wants a Greener, Cleaner City

Londoners elected their new Mayor this month, Labour candidate Sadiq Khan won the majority vote. During the build up to the election all candidates included recycling, waste, green credentials and air quality in their campaign manifesto. Sadiq Khan will now get the opportunity to action his promises.

In his manifesto he mentions that he wants to restore London’s air quality to legal and safe levels, make travel greener and make Oxford Street an entirely pedestrians only zone.

He also made an ambitious target of making London a Zero Carbon city by 2050.

The new mayor has accused the old mayor of taking London from being World Class to Mediocre when it comes to being one of the greenest cities in the World.

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9 May, 2016

Top 10 tips for Spring Cleaning your home

Make life easier by following our 10 tips to Spring Cleaning!

Tip 1: Before cleaning it is good to write a list of every room in the house and the tasks that need to be done, include things that you don’t tend to do on a regular basis these are the main areas you would need to focus on.

Tip 2: When drawing up your list of tasks you should go through it once more and break it down to see what you can do within certain times.

Tip 3: Before spring cleaning you must ensure you gather all the needed products but it is preferred to use house hold items to save money, such as using white vinegar to clean your window blinds. It is important to check all products to see that they are not faulty or out of date.

Tip 4: When spring cleaning, being organised will make a huge difference. To do this use three boxes. One for things to throw away, one for items you are keeping and the other for items you are going to donate or sell.

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2 May, 2016

9 steps to becoming a recycling guru…

“Recycling is a design principle, a law of nature, a source of creativity, and a source of prosperity”

To some it may seem that recycling is merely something that has to be done, a formality if you like. This attitude has been adopted by corporations, who recycle what they have to, to ensure they oblige by any legal responsibility imposed on them.

Recycling is meant to be much more than pleasing people in suits and ticking boxes, it should be a way of life. We have compiled 10 easy steps to help you incorporate recycling and re-using as part of your everyday life.


  1. Reduce and reuse before recycling

There are two steps we can all take before recycling 1) Reduce the waste we produce and 2)Reuse what we can before we deem it redundant. If it’s broken, fix it don’t replace it!

  1. Savvy recycling

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