26 August, 2015

Our London Junk Collection Service

Getting rid of unwanted junk doesn’t need to be avoided anymore as there are many junk collection services available. Our junk collection London team offer high quality services that can satisfy even the highest requirements and most specific needs. The London City Waste Clearance skilled professional team are equipped with the finest state-of-the-art tools and have well-maintained vehicles to sort, load, recycle, donate and dispose of all your junk.

Our services include:

  • Fast removal from top professionals – all team members have been stringently vetted and fully insured
  • 24-hour customer support – to ensure that you can reach a member of the team around the clock to schedule, or re-schedule your booking
  • Range of service options – help with all manner of junk removal services, from garden waste clearance to providing a regular rubbish collection service
  • Flexible appointments – make your booking for whatever time is best for you, early morning or late evening throughout the week and at the weekend
  • Value for money: service prices offer amazing deals and low rates

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17 August, 2015

London Office Clearance Guide

Clearing or moving an office is no easy task, especially if it is being done around a running business. There is a lot to do and it can be quite daunting, but fear not we at London City Waste Clearance have put together this guide to help you prepare for a London office clearance.

We have used our experience in the field to put together a guide on top things you need to think about and prepare for during an office clearance or office move in London.

Prepare for the office clearance/move

Create a schedule – plan as far ahead as possible, in the schedule set out dates by which you want office clearance quotes submitted by. Highlight the date you would prefer the work to start and the latest the work needs to be completed by.

Handy tip: Work out how long it’s going to take you to go through every area and room within your office

What is being cleared out – for a more exact quote, determine exactly what you are throwing out. Most reputable office clearance companies will want some pictures of the office equipment you want removed. Read more

6 August, 2015

LWARB to invest in innovative Waste Management Technology

This week the London Waste and Recycling Board (LWARB) announced that it will be investing approximately £3 Million into a private equity fund. The LWARB wants to invest in venture-stage or growth-stage businesses that will help accelerate the move to a circular economy in London.

Equity fund investing is not new to the LWARB, since 2009 it has invested almost £19 Million in the London Green Fund. As well as these fund investments the LWARB has also invested wisely in a number of London based waste infrastructure projects.

Richard Tracey, chair of the London Waste and Recycling Board, said, “The new fund’s focus is expected to be on innovative waste management technologies and may also emphasise less capital-intensive, asset-light business models in the wider circular economy sector.”

The capital is guilty of not leading the line when it comes to recycling and waste management in London. The government, the Mayor of London and organisations such as the LWARB are trying hard to invest and implement new technology to help make the capital more environmentally friendly.

At London City Waste Clearance we are passionate about recycling and protecting London. We live and work in the City so have a connection with it and the people who live and work here.

All of our waste is managed appropriately, we recycle everything we can and only send to landfill what we have to. If all Londoners did their part we could have a much greener London!