21 July, 2015

London Office Clearance

Office Clearance is needed for many reasons, it could be that a business is relocating, refurbishing, upgrading old furniture or there’s not enough office space. To clear an office you need time, a business needs time but doesn’t always have, which is why it’s best to go for a clearance service that specialises in London office clearance.

Types of Office Clearance

There are different types of Office clearance services for different clients, including landlords, retail tenants, catering tenants, corporate and commercial tenants, facility managers and commercial and residential estate agents.

London Office Clearance

Whether a business requires a single bulky item removed or multiple workstations cleared, our London office clearance service will ensure your business is compliant with all the necessary legislation and all the clearance is carried-out within the guidelines of the environmental-agency. We also endeavour to cause minimal inconvenience for the business.

Our office clearance service offers ensures that it includes everything needed to clear an office to ensure everything is done at the same time, without needing to deal with multiple contractors.

Services included in our office clearance includes:

  • Furniture / IT removal, reuse, recycling and disposal
  • Rubbish clearance, recycling and disposal
  • WEEE recycling
  • Asset purchase, including furniture, IT and catering equipment
  • Secure data destruction (electronic and paper)
  • Relocation and storage services
  • Strip out and dilapidations
  • Environmental reports provided on completion in addition to all statutory waste transfer documentation

Office Clearance Services in London

Our office clearance team work closely with the clients’ landlords and building managers to prepare an office clearance plan that suits all parties. Many businesses across London are now adopting an eco-friendly approach, which is why we at London City Waste Clearance choose environmentally friendly solutions wherever possible and all the furniture taken from offices are re-used or recycled.

Businesses don’t need to do anything, our office clearance team will do everything from lifting, loading to responsibly dispose of non-hazardous waste in a fast and efficient manner.

7 July, 2015

Food Waste Recycling in London

In Britain, 15m tonnes of food waste is produced every year and unfortunately nearly 40% of that ends up in landfill. We have mentioned in previous articles that Londoners are really bad at recycling, local governments are try their best to make us better with new initiatives and programmes.


East London Food Waste Recycling

London’s “Curry Mile” or Brick Lane has been offered a separate food waste collection service by Tower Hamlets Council. This scheme is being offered to businesses in Brick Lane and neighbouring areas such as Spitalfields to avoid sending food waste to landfill. Instead, food waste is sent to “anaerobic digestion” plants to be converted into energy.

Back in 2008, 85% of all waste generated in the East End went to landfill sites, which meant Tower Hamlets council were on the very bottom rung of Britain’s recycling league table. It led the local authority to bring in separate weekly ‘kitchen waste’ collections that year, with almost half of all household waste being food.

Household Waste Recycling in London

Legislation for recycling food waste separate from household and industrial waste are expected to become law throughout the UK in the near future. In Scotland regulations have already come into force where businesses producing more than 50kg of waste a week are now required to make arrangement for separate collections.

Recycling in London

Don’t become a wasteful Londoner, contact us to find out how we can help you recycle food, furniture and electrical items. Together let’s stop sending rubbish to landfill sites!