23 December, 2014

Getting the house clear for the New Year…

After a wonderful and busy Christmas, its item to clear up the house and get ready for the New Year. Clearing up does not necessarily mean binning everything you don’t need, but recycling anything that can be recycled.

Leftover food – over the Christmas an estimated 10 million turkeys, 370 million mince pies and 25 million Christmas puddings will be taken home, and on average about one quarter of this will be thrown in the bin. This is the best time to become a creative chef and find ways of cooking up something special with leftover food.

Christmas trees – can be taken to any one of the collection points across the Borough or the recycling centre or be left outside the house for collection.

Christmas cards – you received loads of cards but have no space or intention to keep them. Don’t just bin them recycle them with your household cardboard recycling, it could be a wheelie bin or a green box.

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18 December, 2014

Christmas tree recycling in London

After weeks of being beautifully decorated with decorations that were probably handed down from generations, it’s sad to think that the tree will most probably end up in the trash with all the Boxing Day clear up. Hundreds of people sadly throw away their Christmas tree once everything is over, while hundreds of others will recycle their tree.

Recycling your tree benefits to our environment:

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12 December, 2014

Top tips for Xmas party clean-ups!

The party season is upon us, Christmas parties are in full swing! With the big day only weeks away many people are starting to hold their Christmas parties this week and weekend. Work place Christmas parties have started this week and home parties will be in full swing by the weekend.

If you are a guest at an xmas party then you don’t have to worry about the state of the house the next day, though nursing your hangover will be an issue! Christmas parties can be great fun, but if you are the host you will face the daunting task of clearing up in the morning.

Clearing up after the Christmas Party

As much as we want to avoid it, we have to clean up the following morning and in most cases it’s while we have a banging headache. In some instances we may even have left over guests who we have to work around while clearing up.

Top 5 clean up tips after a party

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