19 February, 2014

Waste Disposal in Lincoln Inn Fields, WC2

It feels good to somewhere tranquil and clean. Lincoln Field is the largest public square in London and many people come here to relax and meet friends. Those who have been here agree that cleanliness standards are top notch thanks to a number of waste collection companies that have been contracted to handle waste management in the park.

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10 February, 2014

Fly Tipping and Why It Should Be Stopped

Fly tipping is the opposite of responsible recycling; it is illegal dumping or throwing trash in an unauthorised area regardless of what the trash may be. In fact, it could be chewing gum, a piece of paper, your kitchen waste, old cars, used construction supplies, used oil, or just about anything you no longer need. Read more…

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9 February, 2014

How to Get Rid of Tyres

What happens to your old car tyres when they are no longer safe to use and you buy a new set? Most garages will charge you an “environmental disposal fee” to get rid of your tyres, but do you really know what happens to them after you drive off?

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