9 February, 2014

How to Get Rid of Tyres

What happens to your old car tyres when they are no longer safe to use and you buy a new set? Most garages will charge you an “environmental disposal fee” to get rid of your tyres, but do you really know what happens to them after you drive off?

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12 January, 2014

The Rise of Waste Tax

The way you carry out waste disposal is of utmost importance today. Due to steep rise in population in recent years, rapid industrialization and waste creation has become a common occurrence. These wastes could harm the environment to a large extent…

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15 November, 2013

Waste Disposal Bethnal Green, E2

Just like any other neighbourhood, Bethnal Green E2 has made substantial strides when it comes to adopting modern waste collection methods. Technology has played a key role in this industry as many market entrants in Bethnal Green E2 understand too well the adoption of modern waste disposal methods is the best way to enhance efficiency… Read more