4 March, 2014

Rubbish Removal in North London

N1 Northern Head District has many suburbs that act as a home for many people living in London. In N1 Northern Head District, you will find many businesses, homes, offices and buildings which have a lot of waste to dispose every day.  Read more

19 February, 2014

Waste Disposal in Lincoln Inn Fields, WC2

It feels good to somewhere tranquil and clean. Lincoln Field is the largest public square in London and many people come here to relax and meet friends. Those who have been here agree that cleanliness standards are top notch thanks to a number of waste collection companies that have been contracted to handle waste management in the park.

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10 February, 2014

Fly Tipping and Why It Should Be Stopped

Fly tipping is the opposite of responsible recycling; it is illegal dumping or throwing trash in an unauthorised area regardless of what the trash may be. In fact, it could be chewing gum, a piece of paper, your kitchen waste, old cars, used construction supplies, used oil, or just about anything you no longer need. Read more…

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1 December, 2013

Waste Diposal Bow, E3

Bow E3 district located in East London has recently been the centre of elaborate urbanisation programs. With several amenities in sight, Bow E3 is centrally located and allows quick and fast connections to other parts of London… Read more

1 December, 2013

Waste Disposal Shoreditch EC1

Advancement in industrialisation and technology in London has made the city wealthy. However, there has been an advanced degradation of the environment as well as tonnes and tonnes of waste building up over the years.  Most recent statistics indicate that London is one of the cities that generates of a lot waste in UK. Read more

28 November, 2013

Waste Disposal Canary Wharf, E14

London is a huge city with several residential and business suburbs. Canary Wharf is known to be London’s major business district comprising several high rise office blocks hosting several local, regional and international organisations… Read more

15 November, 2013

Waste Disposal Bethnal Green, E2

Just like any other neighbourhood, Bethnal Green E2 has made substantial strides when it comes to adopting modern waste collection methods. Technology has played a key role in this industry as many market entrants in Bethnal Green E2 understand too well the adoption of modern waste disposal methods is the best way to enhance efficiency… Read more