10 February, 2014

Fly Tipping and Why It Should Be Stopped

Fly tipping is the opposite of responsible recycling; it is illegal dumping or throwing trash in an unauthorised area regardless of what the trash may be. In fact, it could be chewing gum, a piece of paper, your kitchen waste, old cars, used construction supplies, used oil, or just about anything you no longer need. Read more…

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9 February, 2014

How to Get Rid of Tyres

What happens to your old car tyres when they are no longer safe to use and you buy a new set? Most garages will charge you an “environmental disposal fee” to get rid of your tyres, but do you really know what happens to them after you drive off?

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24 January, 2014

The 10 Worst Landfill Sites in the World

Despite the advances in recycling technologies the amount of waste being sent to landfill sites continues to grow. Until attitudes to responsible recycling change there will remain an ongoing problem with ever expanding landfill requirements. Below are 10 mega landfill sites from around the world.

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23 January, 2014

What is WEEE Waste?

Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment directive is a system for waste for electrical and electronic equipment.  The directive has set rules for recycling, collection and recovery of all kinds of WEEE waste. It also gives waste disposal responsibility to the manufacturers of electronic equipment.  This directive has member states of UK into it.

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12 January, 2014

The Rise of Waste Tax

The way you carry out waste disposal is of utmost importance today. Due to steep rise in population in recent years, rapid industrialization and waste creation has become a common occurrence. These wastes could harm the environment to a large extent…

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17 December, 2013

The Benefits of Recycling

We all know that if waste is not disposed of properly, it will give birth to a number of diseases due to presence of rodents like mice or mosquitoes. To prevent such outbreak of infectious diseases, it is advisable to opt for rubbish collection and waste disposal services from companies such as ours.

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