3 March, 2017

Top tips for going green at the office

Due to climate change, everyone is trying to do there bit to help keep the earth green. Offices are probably the one of the biggest culprits for wasting and not recycling. To help the planet become a safer place most offices will need to start thinking about going green and helping the global warming crisis as well as keeping their costs down.

Here are some of the ways to help offices go green and cut down on waste.

Power saving

Power saving is pretty important in an office, not only will it cut down in energy wastage but it will save money for offices overtime. Sometimes small actions can save you more than you think. Here are some of the things you need to look out for to save on your energy footprint: Read more

24 February, 2017

How to dispose of your old car battery

Your car is not starting and you have checked everything to make sure all switches are off and nothing is draining power. You have discovered that your car battery has decided to call it quits, so you purchase yourself a brand new one from your local dealer. What do you do with your old battery? Battery disposal is tricky. Did you know that by law you cannot actually dispose of it with your house hold trash?

Car batteries can be very dangerous if not disposed of properly. The acid within the battery could leak out and cause harm to the environment. Here are some of the ways you can dispose of your car battery safely.

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24 February, 2017

7 Reason as to why you should recycle

Recycling in London is becoming more and more common. Yes, we have all started to recycle, but do we actually do our best to make sure all recyclable items are recycled.

Recycling is pretty important, global warming is happening and we have to do everything in our power to slow it down. We all have friends and family that do not recycle, this means you have to do your part and make sure they make a conscious effort.


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10 February, 2017

How to recycle your old bed

So, you buy a new bed and mattress, but don’t know what to do with the old ones. Do you leave it on the side of the road and risk getting yourself a hefty fine or do you leave it in front of your house hoping that one day it will disappear?

Sometimes you can even hand it in to the store that you purchased your new ones from. There are a few options open to you when it comes to old beds and mattresses, but recycling would be the best thing you could do to help protect the environment.


Why should we recycle?

There are plenty of reasons why we all should start recycling more regularly. Recycling will help us protect the environment and help us save energy. Manufacturers have to use raw natural resources every time they make something new. Most manufacturers now used recycled materials to produce their products but if we do not recycle as much, it just will not work.

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26 January, 2017

How to get rid of office desks

At some point every office will need new desks… but what happens to the old desks?

Cluttering up storage rooms or space in your office can be a nuisance, in fact it will make your time at work much more tedious.

Knowing how to get rid of your office desk is important, if you don’t, you may be placed in a difficult situation. If you’re looking to get rid of your office desk, then here are a few things you can do to make the process much easier and effortless.


Office removal

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22 January, 2017

What to consider when clearing out the office

An office clear out is essential from time to time, mostly you have stuff on your desk that should be either filed away or should be in the bin. Over many years offices accumulate a lot of paper documents and many other items that have never been used but have a place in the office so it goes unnoticed.

Companies spend time and money on hoarding equipment that are not in use, if you got rid of the excess equipment you could maybe move into a smaller office. Having a clean office makes you more productive in your work as “a clear office help clear mind”

Office Clearance London

Research shows 80% of what we keep in the office we hardly use, if you do not know you have it, cannot find it, then it is of no value. There are many companies that can help you facilitate an office clearance such as London City Waste Clearance, we can help with collecting your old furniture and electrical equipment.

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11 January, 2017

Plastic recycling process explained

Plastic recycling, like metal recycling is the recovery of scrap plastic and repurposing it into useful products. But, unlike metal, plastic recycling is of low density as well as low value. Which means the whole process is less lucrative and attractive.

In the UK we use over 5 million tonnes of plastic each year, an estimated 29% of it is currently being recovered or recycled. Nearly all types of plastics can be recycled, however the extent to which they are recycled depends upon technical, economic and logistic factors.

There are 6 key stages for plastic recycling in London:

  1. Collection of plastics

First, the waste plastic needs to be collected. This can be via recycling centres, council recycling centres and office plastic recycling points. We collect plastics from home, offices and building sites.

  1. Sorting of different types

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9 January, 2017

How to properly dispose of your electrical waste

In this day and age, new technology is released almost every other day. Consumers are constantly buying new electronics and tossing their old one to the back of their junk draw. We all have the thirst for the newest handset or the newest television. Technology continuously progresses and improvements are getting better each year, which makes it hard to resist.

What happens with the old electronics? Most people end up letting it gather dust or jus bin it. Here are some of the things that you could do with your old electrics.

Flog it

Why not make some money on your old possessions. Rather than tossing it to the corner, you could always put it up for sale and see how much you can make. There are plenty of people who are willing to buy older technology at a discounted price. There are plenty of ways to sell your electrics on the Internet and make a little pocket change or even contribute to the costs of the new electrics.

You may not get anything close to the original price, but at least you will get something. As long as the product is in working order, you will get a decent amount for it. Even if it’s not working, you can always sell it for spares and repairs. There is always money to be made, it all comes down to you, whether you’ve got the patience or not.  

If the thought of the hassle involved in selling something on seems like too much headache, then give us a call, we can collect all your old electrical items. Check out our WEEE recycling services.

Trade it in

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7 January, 2017

5 Ways to clear waste in London

Clearing waste can be a challenge in any town or city, waste clearance in London is a whole new challenge. Dense buildings, highly populated areas and lack of waste clearance within easy reach, all make it tough to carry out waste disposal in London.

London borough councils are making an effort to help residents clear waste and recycle more efficiently. Without these facilities residents will struggle to dispose of household and commercial waste.

Newham council have a waste and recycling centre at Jenkins Lane and Redbridge council have the recycling and waste centre in Chigwell Road. But, inner London boroughs are not able to provide these type of centres at great scale.

To help overcome issues with recycling waste, we have compiled 5 ways to clear waste in London: Read more

30 December, 2016

A quick guide to rubbish clearance in London

If you live in London, rubbish clearance can sometimes be harder than it needs to be. Local councils can remove rubbish but have certain days that they operate. This requires patience, and we all know living in London, patience is hard to come by. We all want things done as soon as possible, which is why it’s probably best to contact a waste removal company. They can come when it suits you to get rid of your rubbish.

Council waste collection service

Local councils can offer to pick up your bulky waste but this requires you to fill up forms and give specific details on the items to be collected. Councils can only offer to pick up items such as beds, TVs, old furniture and fridges. When it comes to other items of waste from house work such as plasterboard, bricks and old tiles, the council unfortunately cannot help you. Although most councils can collect your waste, sometimes they may be fully booked and have to pass you on to other companies who can recycle your goods, but this can make a long process even longer.

London Waste Removal Company

First step for any London rubbish removal task is to make a call to a waste removal company and find out how much it’ll cost to remove the rubbish. Some people hesitate to call waste removal companies as they do not want to pay, but it’s a lot better to have your rubbish disposed of properly rather than just getting rid of it anyhow. Some people even resort to fly tipping, but the question is, wouldn’t it be smarter to pay for its removal rather than resorting to an illegal action which could leave you with a hefty bill.

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