Advancement in industrialisation and technology in London has made the city wealthy. However, there has been an advanced degradation of the environment as well as tonnes and tonnes of waste building up over the years.  Most recent statistics indicate that London is one of the cities that generates of a lot waste in UK.

Most of the waste is hazardous and ways to eliminate it properly should be put in place. Shoreditch EC1 is a located in the east end of London and being part of the inner city needs attention when it comes to waste collection.

Poor waste disposal and affecting the environmental balance is one of the main challenges that London is facing today.  Most of the waste that is disposed is burnt, incinerated or dumped in landfill sites. These methods of rubbish clearance solve the problem temporarily, but not permanently since they damage the environment.  Aside from taking a huge land space, landfill causes water, soil and air pollution since through the harmful gases and chemicals they emit.  Any animals, plants or humans living in Shoreditch EC1 and London in general get harmed.

With a goal to minimise the amount of waste produced every year, new modern ways for waste disposal and junk collection have been introduced in London.  By recycling the waste collected, many suburbs in London such as Shoreditch EC1 have been able to stay safe and clean.  The presence of top notch better manufacturing techniques and creating awareness to the public to use green products as a way to reduce waste has also helped greatly.  With the help of authorities and organisation bodies such as EU, waste disposal in landfill sites has been banned.  This has declined the emission of harmful gases like carbon dioxide and nitrogen to a lower level.

Over the years, research has indicated that recycling waste in London is being embraced, and many people are looking for other environmental friendly ways to dispose of their rubbish.  Thanks to waste companies such as London City Waste Clearance, many people in Shoreditch EC1 and London city have been able to dispose of waste the right way. This company not only does it deal with home rubbish removal but also office clearance.

Coming up with a timetable and specific days of the week that you want your rubbish collected, is a great way to keep the environment clean. When choosing a company to take care of your rubbish clearance, make sure they brief you on how they handle their waste disposal.  Any company that recycles the waste they collect is a great one to use.  Getting in touch with an agent at London City Waste Clearance Company is a positive step.

Will Wilson

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