Fly tipping is the opposite of responsible recycling; it is illegal dumping or throwing trash in an unauthorised area regardless of what the trash may be. In fact, it could be chewing gum, a piece of paper, your kitchen waste, old cars, used construction supplies, used oil, or just about anything you no longer need. Read more…

Needless to say, people do it because it’s convenient, and the cost of paying the taxes to throw their litter in waste recycling plants is too much of a burden. Unfortunately, fly tipping has brought tons of garbage into empty lots and areas that are left unsupervised by the local government.

Most people also don’t realise that tossing your recyclable garbage bags just anywhere you please also considered fly tipping. You have to bring it to the proper recycling plant for its disposal so the trash will not come back to haunt you or your children’s children.

It is also not right to expect someone to come around and pick up after you. Yes, there are civic groups who answer calls to clean up rubbish and offer rubbish removal but this doesn’t mean you can abuse the volunteers.

The Reasons Why Fly Tipping Should Be Stopped Now

Diseases, unsanitary areas, pestilence, pollution in the ground water are just 4 reasons why fly tipping has to be stopped. You can also add the following: it ruins the neighbourhood and landscape, and it teaches the wrong foundation for children. Once they see adults doing it, they will learn to do it as well, and the cycle is never-ending except the garbage grows worse every month, every year.

If you’re unconcerned about your surroundings, then perhaps thinking about it from another perspective might change your mind about fly tipping. By throwing litter indiscriminately, you ruin the natural habitat of animals and trees. Pretty soon, the trees will stop providing fruit and the birds will go away; the animals will die, and you will be faced with a world without the beauty of nature around you. Even if you landscape your property but your neighbour continues to fly tip around your property, your plants will soon die from the polluted ground.

Responsible Recycling

If you find that the cost for recycling is too high, instead of fly tipping, why not get a group together and start a campaign to bring down the taxes? In October 2013, Britain was actually called “one giant rubbish tip” because in spite of the number of people who actively recycle, higher population in the UK is the reason why fly tipping isn’t a problem of the past. The population growth of UK since the 1960s rose by 21%, but the rubbish grew by 500%! The garbage collectors of the UK claim to collect about 30 million tons of trash every year which means in a few years, the country could literally be buried under trash. Everyone has to take a step in the right direction and stop fly tipping by throwing their litter properly including cigarette butts, chewing gum, and plastic bags.

Will Wilson

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